Monday, March 16, 2009

I really don't give a french toast anymore.

Oh bummer, hectic week is finally over, and on with regular daily basis stuff. I don't like exams, finals and assignments due all crunched up in the spam of like 3 days... well i kind of do.. es mas... i think i love it, siempre hago lo mismo, i'll wait till the last minute to finish that laaast question to feel that rush thru my veins, that danger, im a rebel.

I think my physical geography class is growing on me too, siempre relaciono cosas de la clase con frases bien corny like:
"you're my june solstice"
"You speed up my radiation"
y la mas reciente
"you excite my atoms"
(if you put em all together they can probably make a cute little nonsense poem, how bout that, huh)

Ahorita quiero ir a barnes and noble, pero im so tired siento mis parpados bien pesados y de que shutting one eye and keeping the other open y turniandolos. Ah, y me salio un granito bien sexy en mi cachete = (.
Way to begin the week.