Sunday, March 29, 2009

The reoccuring kind.

I know it was you
Just by the way I felt

I didn't even know you were still here
But it's time for you to go
I think, Unconsciously,
It was the mix I was listening to last night that triggered you
It all happened at my old house

Where I went to the store across the street, and I lasted hours there trying to decide.
I ended up getting you grape jello, and on the way, I met a few nice people, that helped me choose.

I was walking up the green stairs wondering how I was going to get back home, but really, I was wishing I could've stayed.

I handed you the bag with the jello in it, and offered to make it for you, but you decided to eat yellow cheese instead.

I knew right there it was all over, for good.
You really are
The reoccurring kind.

It just doesn't bother me anymore...finally.