Monday, May 25, 2009

Mmmyyy favorite iphone apps

In no specific order:

1) Google

2) Sugar sync- Access all your files from any of your computers.

3) Assistant- Check your balances on almost any account you have

4) Sketches- i sometimes even do thumbnails for homework on this

5) Budget- Nice and easy way to keep track of your finances

6) Blog Writer- Blog on the go!

7) PalettesLite- Creates palletes from pics, websites, and/or manually.

8) Twitterific- Cause i like knowing everybodys business.

9) Facebook- But of course!

10) Photogene- you can edit and play around with pictures.

11) Flixter- Movie times from wherever you're at plus, it includes trailers (the only thing i hate about this one is that you can't be on the phone and use the app at the same time)

12) Stanza- For those who don't mind ebooks.

13) Around me-Local Restaurants, bars, banks, gas stations, hotels, parking, markets from your current location

14) Shazam- The new verb... "What song is this?" -"I dunno, shazam it"

15) Camera Bag- Edit or take pics in Helga, instant, mono, 1962, fisheye, infrared, lolo, and cinema mode.

16) Air Mouse- Iphone turns into a wireless mouse and keyboard.

17) Beejive- you can be signed on to your accounts simultaneously, and i love how it even has facebook chat, and its one of the most reliable messenger apps i've used.

I'll probably post some more later, but those for sure are some of my top faves that always come in handy.

OH EM GEE look at what i just found *dies*

Oh i phone, how did i ever live without thee.