Sunday, February 8, 2009

Soundtrack del momento a.k.a valentines

Side A

1) I don't need a man- pussycat dolls
2) I hate this part right here- pussycat dolls
3) Irreplaceable- Beyonce
4) If i were a boy- Beyonce
5) Before he cheats - Kerry Underwood
6) Go on girl - Neo
7) Hot and Cold - Kate Perry
8)Buddy Castle - Cuppycake song
9) Don't speak- No Doubt (now that song was the shnits)
10) Lagrimas de Sangre - El Coyote y su banda tierra santa

Side B

Feb 15- Bright eyes

You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will.
- Bright eyes
It's cool, we can still be friends- Bright eyes
Acid Tongue - Jenny Lewis
Perfect sonnet- Bright eyes
Pull my hair - Bright eyes
There's nothing that the road cannot heal- Conor Oberst and TMVB
Man and Wife, The Former - desaparecidos
Breakfast In Bed- Dntel Ft. Conor Oberst
Your share of men - The good life
By your side - cocorosie
Don't think twice, it's alright- Bob Dylan (Happy now?)
A mess to be made- the format
Always will be- Hammerfall
Such great heights- el cover de iron and wine
Hear you me - Jimmy eat world
Make Believe- Joan Jett
Ring of fire- Johnny cash
The more you ignore me the closer i get- morrissey
There is a light that never goes out- The smiths
Don't take me for granted - Social distortion
Footprints on my ceiling- social distortion
99 to life - social distortion
(ok, just kidding with this one)
cut your ribbon- sparta
Erase it again- sparta
One more night- stars
Back in your head- Tegan and sara
Fix you up- tegan and sara
I won't be left- Tegan and sara
Where does the good go- tegan and sara
Falling without knowing- tilly and the wall
Love song - tilly and the wall
MY MADONNA- TWO GALLANTS (eeveerryyone must listen to this one with a beer in their hands)
Lady- Two Gallants
Maps- Yeah yeah yeahs
(Include all the 80s hair metal love songs here)

If i missed any that i should dwell on, on Saturday, just lemme know.
(I like options)

Ah, y los quiero dejar con este video tmb: