Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines day overall

De los 15 text msgs que mande
hoy en la maniana
me respondieron 11
not too shabby,
not too shabby.
En realidad quiero compartir mis highlights del dia.
It started off with something small
but really made my day.

-My morning saturday Jamba Juice:
I always get a Chunky strawberry with extra granola and extra banana.
but i was broke this morning
and all i had left in my girft card
was like
5 dollars. (they charge extra for extras)
(y me estoy dando cuenta,
que estoy tecleando como si estubiera
en el messenger)
So, anyway, ya tienen listo mi chunky strawberry
y la muchacha was like "no extra banana this time?"
and i replied "no, i'm ok"
y me vuelve a insisitir "are you sure?"
and i reply "yeah, i didn't pay for it"
y la muchacha "oh thats fine don't worry"
and that's the story of how i got my extra banana on valentines day. <3 (no pun intended)
After i got off work my friends want to meet for lunch
and i get a heart shapped balloon = )
i came home and sign on msn
talking with friends makes time fly
a little later i pop into the ps2 Bridges of madison county (big romantic sigh en la parte de "i can't need you, because i can't have you!)...ay ese robert kincaid... no se aguanta.
despues i take a nap luego mi mama me despierta con "cheka a ver si ya llego tus taxes"
so i go online and check my account
fucking finally i get money back
sooo, with my best intentions for economy y quererla mejorar...i get ready to go spend it.
ise unos mandados luego al mall...
habia de todo lo que no queria ver
too many people
too many couples
too many annoying kids esperando a que sus papas los recojieran
and too much freaking traffic.
so ok...
plan B... Borders book store
best desicion i could've done..
I no longer felt lonely anymore...
porque estaba rodeada de some more lonley people
browsing around
it was nice and quiet and i bought a few books.

Thank goodness for book stores on valentines day.